We improve lives by connecting innovative and sustainable solutions that generate value in an ethical, cost-effective, and responsible way.

Conecta - Desarrollo


The past connects with the present and the future, that is why we comply with the Rescue and Archaeological Research Programs and Environmental Monitoring and Follow-Up.

We adhere with national and international regulations that guarantee the sustainable use of resources, for this reason, Conecta’s Environmental Management comprises 4 main processes: Forestry, environmental, biological, and archaeological management.

The Virtual Museum of Archeology and Biodiversity compiles the company’s effort to preserve our natural and archaeological wealth. Electricity flows into the future, Conecta too.

Supply chain

Our suppliers and strategic partners of goods and services promote the stability of the local economy, thereby promoting their growth and encouraged development hand in hand of Conecta.

Personas - Conecta

Stories that connect

At Conecta we recognize the efforts of people from their area of knowledge, whether collaborators or suppliers, who contribute to the achievement of corporate objectives and their consequent long-term success.

Sustainability reports

At Conecta we seek to communicate our performance and economic, social, environmental, and Corporate Governance impact so that compliance and active contribution to society may be available to perform queries.