We connect
people through the
power of energy

We develop and operate energy transport systems,
based on ethical, profitable,
sustainable, and competitive practices, with the highest
quality, know-how, and technology standards.

We are the champions in 230kV transmission systems in
the Central American region. Learn about our assets in
commercial operation:

Kilometers of
transmission lines
MVA as a backup to address
emergencies or maintenance
Fatal accident-free days for men and women


Our human talent and competitive creates value, ethically providing quality service.

Canal Ético - Conecta

Our projects

The Modesto Méndez substation will increase the reliability of the transmission lines and substations that will be connected to it.
Interfaz 230/34.5 kV substation is our first work in which high voltage interacts with a transformation aimed at the end user, maximizing the existing infrastructure of the National Interconnected System, improving what the end user perceives about the quality regarding voltage and power outages.
This equipment was identified as part of the expanding process for the transport capacity, to mitigate existing problems in the network and give maneuverability to the Wholesale Market Manager.
The project to expand La Vega II Substation is a work performed under its own initiative. It enabled the second circuit of the Aguacapa-La Vega II transmission line.
The design, construction, and energization of the South Pacific Ring -APS- meant for Guatemala the commissioning of 100% of the first complete and comprehensive electricity transmission project, approved by the Comisión Nacional de Energía Eléctrica (CNEE), held on its own initiative and part of the Transport System Expansion Plan 2012-2021.


We connect Guatemala through development, creating the foundations for a sustainable future through innovation and operational excellence.